Garage Door Maintenance

Although garage doors are durable, they require maintenance from time to time. Garage doors operate for many years and properly maintaining your garage door will extend its life. Garage door maintenance doesn’t take long and should be done between season shifts in order for you to prepare your door for the next season. Summer is usually the best time to perform all maintenance work on your garage door because most of the problems occur during winter and making sure your garage door is ready for winter will dramatically reduce the amount of issues you will encounter and save you money in the long run.

Common garage door maintenance jobs include replacing the weather strip, tightening the bolts of the track and motor, replacing warn rollers, making sure the cable has the correct tension and making sure the garage door is properly balanced.

Since your garage door is the largest entry to your home and is usually connected to your house, it is important to make sure these things are taken care of prior to seasonal changes. A garage door that is sealed correctly will reduce your energy bill because less cold air will enter your home. Our garage door specialists at Centrum Garage Door Repair will perform all garage door maintenance tasks needed and will explain to you everything they do. Our technicians will inspect your garage door springs and make sure they are safe and not rusted, they will check the weather strip and overall condition of all the moving parts.

In addition one of the most common issues we come across is sensor issues. When cleaning or arranging your garage, you may accidently move the sensor. This is very common and can be fixed easily, first make sure the sensor eye is clean. Try cleaning the lens with a dry cloth, make sure the sensors are aligned and facing each other. On each sensor, there is a light, the color does not matter. Make sure the light is on both sensors, it must be constant. If the sensors are aligned, cleaned and there is nothing in the way, your garage door should close with no problem.

If you encounter any problem or require garage door maintenance service, call us to schedule an appointment.

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