Garage Door Spring Repair

Your garage door spring could qualify both as the simplest component of the entire garage door as well as the potentially most important. The spring is what holds the door up when you open it, it effectively expands and contracts as the door goes through the motions of opening and closing. If you have a broken or faulty spring, you should be looking for a quick spring repair or spring replacement services. If the spring breaks off completely, then you could be looking at potential system failure.
The biggest sign of a broken spring is if the garage door falls hard or it can’t come up. Springs potentially wear out over time just due to the regular wear and tear of the strain that is put on them. Having them replaced at the moment that they begin to show signs of trouble is a must.

What Are The Garage Door Springs And How Do They Work?

Garage door springs are the mechanisms that allow you to open and close your door with ease. They expand or contract depending on whether you are looking to open or close the door. In a manual door, as you lift the door up, the spring is going to contract and allow the door to move more smoothly. Also, they are what holds an open door up. If the springs break, the door is going to come crashing down. That’s why it’s vital to ensure that your springs are operating correctly. Otherwise, you could have trouble opening and closing the door.  

What happens if the springs malfunction?

As we’ve mentioned, having the spring completely break while the door is open could cause the door to come crashing down. Very seldom, though, do we see a spring break out of the blue, unless it’s a door that maybe hasn’t been in use over the years. Usually, people start noticing that it gets harder and harder to open the door. If the spring breaks with the door closed, opening it using the opener can damage the openerUltimately when springs malfunction or break entirely, opening the door can become virtually impossible. Even if you can open the door, there is a good chance that you can’t hold it up. Trusting a battered down spring to hold the door open can be a costly mistake that could potentially lead to serious injury. Therefore, it’s safe to say that spring issues are not situations that you should take lightly. 

Types of garage door springs

There are different types of garage door springs, and it’s imperative to know which ones are holding up your door to provide proper spring replacement.

Extension Springs

The extension springs are located in the track parallel to each other. When the technician installs extension springs, they also install a safety cable inside them to prevent them from causing harm when they break. These springs tend to be less expensive, at the cost of lesser durability and safety in comparison to torsion springs. You also cannot control the tension of these springs.

Torsion Springs

Torsion springs come as a single spring or as a pair of springs. They are located above your door on a shaft, which is a safety feature that keeps them in place in case they break.
These springs tend to be more durable and safer than extension springs, hence they are more expensive. In addition, you can control their tension according to the weight of your door.

Garage Door Extension Spring Repair
Garage Door Torsion Spring Repair

What Not to Do After the Springs Break​

When the springs break, you need to go into damage control mode, but the last thing you want to do is force the door to open or close. Granted, that could be hard to do if you want to get your car out of the garage or something like that.
People also regularly tend to try and oil down the tracks, rollers and spring to try to get the door to work. When your garage door spring is broken, the whole mechanism is as good as dead. You may be able to lift the door if you put a considerable amount of effort into doing so. Getting the components extra oily, though, is not going to help all that much and make the replacement procedure messier than it would be.

The Dangers Of Replacing The Garage Door Springs Yourself

If you aren’t sure how to get this done, it makes no sense to try to do it yourself. You could potentially cause more damage to the door and even injure yourself. If you remove the spring and try to open the door, it could be tough to lift and forcefully lifting the door can cause more damage to the different components of the door itself.
The spring is what holds the door up, therefore lifting without a spring is asking for trouble. We see people raise the door quickly to allow entrance, only to end up dropping the door hard on the ground. Again, this can lead to more problems than just a simple spring issue. 
As we’ve mentioned, there is a real risk of injury if you try and fix these problems yourself.  If you can avoid the risk, why take it?

Why Trust A Professional Garage Door Repair Company?

There certainly are many reasons that we could allude to as to why you would want to trust a professional garage door repair company for a spring repair procedure. It can seem simple enough; all we do is remove the old spring and put in a new one. A professional company has easy access to replacement parts. Some of these springs can be hard to come by in typical home improvement stores.
As for the process itself, you will not put yourself at risk in any way. Our licensed technicians make sure that the springs are installed properly and comply with safety regulations. Doing this the right way the first time around will save you time and money in the long run.

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